Brand Health Tracking

The Problem

Most Brand Health tracking is based on the traditional funnel and lacks purchase context

We’ve reimagined Brand Health Tracking to take into consideration the latest in marketing science thinking. 

Traditional Brand Health Trackers generally focus on the traditional funnel, asking respondents to tick the box on which brands they are aware of, or consider. They keep the respondent’s purchase context within that of an online survey e.g. “Which of these brands have you bought in the last 3 months?”. As a result, most brand health tracking doesn’t accurately portray real life and limits brand insight

Our Brand Health Tracking solution takes into account your Category Entry Points and buyer or consumption context, to provide a truer picture of brand health

Our Brand Health Tracking solution includes the following core elements

Mental Availability

Category Entry Points
Brand & Competitors CEP Funnels


Brand Imagery
Brand Attitude
Barriers To Purchase

Physical Availability

Barriers To Purchase
Physical Availability Perception Scores

Consumer Profiling

Brand Buyer Profiling
Category Light Buyer Profiling Indexes
Non Brand Buyer Profiling

Custom Brand Funnel

Brand Health Synopsis (Custom to Brand & Customer)

We can also offer additional modules

Pricing research including price sensitivity

Distinctive Brand Asset research / tracking

Comms & Creative testing

Pack testing

Modernise your Brand Health Tracking using Category Entry Points

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